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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Mama’s Motion

by Lola Sofi'

Trying to fulfill my youthful yearning to glide

I slide into the world of painfully thin bodies

with no tees, no thighs, no hips, no badonkie donks allowed.

I prowled around, making my way to the unseen

To glean just a little bit of Debbie from the instructor.

But what for, since I was the only one as such,

Old enough to be the mother of the mother

Of the teacher of the others, or at least

It felt that way.

So here I be, sweat gushing off of me

For no reason, other than me being in the season

Where mena meets pause, probably the cause

For me wearing these granny draws underneath my tights.

And yikes, how they have risen, even before I took

The position, the stance every dancer takes

Before she breaks into rhythmic moves,

But before I groove, I discreetly remove

the wedge, or at least I thought I did.

And now, she has the audacity to turn on the music

As I stand clueless to the wave of motion I'm supposed to know.

And so...I do what I do best, I fake it, F@$& it,

This is just a test to see if I still got it, get it.

And I got it alright, as I took into flight after a whirl

My twirl was awesome! … until I landed,

Stranded on the floor with teenaged eyes

Wondering if I had killed myself, but I hadn't, or at least

I believe I didn't.

And at that moment, I pushed my body up.

“Good luck”, I heard from the mouth of a babe

But bravely I rose to my feet, aching from chin to southern cheek

And taking it in, the feeling of utter disappointment,

The failure, the sin of trying to be young again.

I dusted off my leggings, put on a big grin

And waved as I exited the building,

Because I owned it.

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